Software Asset Management(SAM)

Multinational organizations and large enterprises need a wide array of applications to conduct their business activities. It is common for software companies to require you to sign their "Terms and Conditions" and not following their policies may result in heavy penalties for your company.

It has become increasingly difficult for organizations to track the number of applications running in their Tech sector and especially if licenses are needed. An organization needs to set up its compliance position for each application by reconciling license requirements with the purchase data or the EULA after getting full visibility. It must get a clear baseline on the number of software applications running and the number of applications requiring licenses. Due to the multitude of applications running in an organization, automation is the only way to conduct this challenge.

Additionally, organizations face the equally daunting challenge of controlling their software licensing expenses. To optimize spending, it is essential to understand how each software application is used. Managing this process is once again an overly complex process.

We help organizations in setting up a sole source of truth for their software assets (applications).

Our automation is implemented by deploying the right tools and supplying the required services to support them. The result is getting real-time compliance reports on any application and setting up processes to achieve the best use of software, which in turn results in considerable savings on license costs.

Solution highlights

  • Complete visibility of software applications
  • Proper baselining
  • Automating the licenses and agreements tracking
  • Timely alerts on end of life and end of support for any applications
  • Reconciliation of entitlement with the applications installed
  • Out of box compliance position
  • Usage pattern of applications
  • License Spend Optimization
  • Optimizing the OEM agreements through our services

Our Solution Partner

We have partnered with leading global SAM tool providers to supply adaptive software asset management. We have certified resources that aid our customers to get the best out of tools.

We mitigate the risk of unplanned payments to vendors for noncompliance based on audits. We also help in reworking agreements with Microsoft and Oracle based on the present-day needs of the organization. Our solutions cut redundancy, track usage in real-time, and help in cost optimization of public and private cloud infrastructure usage too.