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Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a technical process that involves using software tools to collect and analyze data about the performance of an application in order to identify and resolve issues that may impact user experience. APM typically involves the instrumentation of an application’s code to capture data about key performance metrics, such as response time, error rates, and resource utilization.

This data is then collected, analyzed, and displayed using dashboards and visualizations that provide real-time insight into the performance of the application. APM tools may also provide advanced diagnostic capabilities that allow developers to trace individual transactions and troubleshoot issues by correlating performance data with application code changes.

To keep pace with our customer’s needs , we must ensure our digital services are best-in-class, always accessible, and easy to use. Chemtrols Infotech helped us deploy an APM solution whose extensive observability and AIOps capabilities have been critical to our success.

Indian Private Sector Bank
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Key highlights of the APM service offered by Chemtrols:

  • The APM platform utilizes fully automated AI-powered processes to deliver optimal performance for all enterprise applications.
  • The APM system provides real-time monitoring of the entire technology stack, including all application components and dependencies.
  • Automated root-cause analysis is conducted for any detected failures, allowing for swift and accurate identification of the underlying problem.
  • The APM system ensures business continuity by proactively detecting and resolving any performance issues before they can impact end-users.
  • Predictive analytics are utilized by the APM platform to provide early warnings of potential performance issues before they occur, allowing for preemptive remediation.
  • Code level visibility is provided, enabling developers to identify performance issues at the code level and optimize application performance.
  • The APM platform offers visibility into cloud environments, as well as monitoring of infrastructure and network components for comprehensive performance monitoring.
  • Log analytics are conducted to enable in-depth analysis of system and application logs, aiding in the identification of potential issues and providing insights for system optimization.

In summary, Application Performance Monitoring is a critical component of modern application development. By providing real-time monitoring, alerting, and analysis of application performance, APM tools allow developers to quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring that their applications deliver a high-quality user experience.