About Us

About us

Niche IT Services for Enterprises
We offer many in-demand, bespoke IT Services built around
Compliance and Cost Optimization.

We, a team of like-minded IT professionals, got together in 2012 to start an innovative, totally disruptive enterprise to make life easier. Each one brought to the table years of expertise in their chosen field. We wanted to carve out a niche for ourselves, not deliver run-of-the-mill solutions. We started by asking questions - to ourselves and to all those who could be our potential customers.

We found many voids that needed to be filled, but we knew we were not ninjas. We needed to identify our preferred space.

Create an App? Oh, every other company is doing it.
Provide Software? There was a dime a dozen big players out there.
What exclusive can we offer to add super value to our services?


After many discussions, iterations, and brainstorming sessions, we finally found our calling.

It dawned on us that most large corporates are vexed with the enormous costs of procuring and maintaining IT solutions for their operational needs. The financial services industry needed someone to provide technology solutions for the ever-evolving compliance regulations.

The think tank worked on cost optimization using technology resources and compliance management, something not many IT brands had ventured into and what the market needed. We pitched our tent in the B-to-B segment and worked out our Niche.

We were now ready to hit the ground running.

Initially, we started operations by partnering with internationally acclaimed solution providers and built our services around the implementation and maintenance of niche technologies. We served as the quintessential bridge, rendering our expertise and skills around optimum and cost-effective utilization of the products acquired. Soon, we surged ahead and emerged as proactive service providers, helping corporates get international value at affordable rates.

We deliver IT Services for exclusive domains. We leverage services solely targeted at incorporating the right products and best practices, optimizing resources, and aiding compliance.

The team is working with renewed vigour on the SAS platform for delivering IT solutions to improve businesses and workplace dynamics at a global level.

Corporate giants have reposed faith in our services, and we stand at the threshold of stupendous growth, having successfully made an international debut. Strongly backed by investors and partner ecosystems, and with pragmatic strategies in place, we ensure that our customers' assets are cared for and transact their business better with our positive interventions.

After nine years of rendering superior service, we are at it with the same passion we had - when we started. Once again, discussing, iterating, and brainstorming, but this time around with our elite global clientele.

Effortlessly Blended Solutions worked out by the industry best.
Become Compliant. Plug the Leakage.

Why Us?

We give our clients myriad reasons to smile.

  • Boutique services, not just the garden variety.
  • Gartner and Forrester recognized partnerships.
  • Guaranteed cost optimization.
  • Enhanced compliances.
  • Flexible engagement models.
  • 86+ Global marquee clients.
  • On-premise and Cloud-based Delivery Models.

Services Portfolio

  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Supported open-source database solutions(O-DBMS)
  • Software Asset Management(SAM)
  • Disaster Recovery Automation(DRA)
  • Governance Risk and Compliance(GRC)
  • Data Protection Recovery(DPR)
  • Zero Trust Work From home solutions(WFHS)
  • Cloud cost optimization-Compute and Storage(CCO)

Proven methods. Curated plans. Innovative approaches. Critical technologies.
Find your buffers and sail smoothly in the choppy waters.