The business world is experiencing extraordinary levels of market ambiguity and unpredictability, collective with economic shocks and corporate scandals.

In order to manage through these challenges, organizations are looking for to get a better measure of how objectives, obligations and operations interrelate, and how the business should be monitored and controlled through information and technology. The term GRC (governance, risk and compliance) is used to describe “the capability that enables an organization to reliably achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity; including the governance, assurance and management of performance, risk, and compliance”

Many ERP based companies wish to improve GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and SoD (Segregation of Duties) management, yet are reluctant to invest in relevant products as they typically involve lengthy implementation and excessive cost. On top of that, most GRC solutions are installed in ERP, causing delays or interruptions to the entire systemduring the deployment process.

The fact remains that CFOs, CIOs and CISOs are faced with the challenge of implementing and maintaining GRC policies, while eliminating business risk and controlling overall organizational processes. Addressing these needs, Xpandion’s ProfileTailor GRC provides a comprehensive solution for automating GRC management. Installed externally to ERP, ProfileTailor GRC does not require ERP expertise and delivers functional results instantly. Complete implementation is uniquely short, guaranteeing rapid ROI and simplifying regulatory compliance.

Our Solution Partner

ProfileTailor Dynamics (PTD) Security & Authorizations – can integrate with SAP, any ERP or application and can grant access to right combination of roles, which allows users to perform their job function based on multiple level approval workflow or pre-defined rules for new joiner or role change/transfer or exit. PTD looks at real time usage (monitoring of access) and advises the best role and combination of roles that would not violate SODs (Segregation of Duties).

ProfileTailor Dynamics (PTD) GRC – enables compliance with GRC/SOX/SoD requirements. PTD provides out of box SOD rule set for Manufacturing, Pharma, Telecom and other verticals. Identifying violations on static level of granting access to users, supporting access related processes and analyzing dynamic violations (based on actual transaction executed) which can be fixed using PTD’s SOD simulator that removes combination of roles that are causing and would cause SOD violation, thereby reducing the risk of manually fixing SODs which are prone to errors.

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