DR Automation

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions have evolved a long way since the year 2000. But not far enough; especially in multi-site, multi-mode configuration situations. Our DR Automation solution that helps an enterprise implement DR in the traditional sense and in the Cloud by automating the maintenance, monitoring, management, replication, failover and failback via defined automated workflows. A real-time service level dashboard and canned reports with quantitative metrics that give the business and IT the required visibility, control and confidence in the actual real-time performance of the DR environment.

Our solution will benefit you to:

  • Mitigates and drastically reduces DR operational risks at a favorable price point
  • Provides real time visibility of the DR environment
  • Enables proactive metric driven decision making when invoking DR
  • Automates failover, failback, switchover and switchback procedures in case of a disaster
  • Centralizes administration and reporting
  • Alerts on event threshold conditions
  • Central console for DR management activities such as automated DR drill, application start/stop activities, etc.
  • Pre-flight checks for DR drill requirement
  • Reports based on ISO 22301
  • Non-intrusive DR drills

Our Solution Partner

An INTEL Capital PORTFOLIO COMPANY, Perpetuuiti is a global enterprise software products company focused on building software products that help organizations increase productivity and efficiency through Automation for On-Premises or Cloud Deployments. Perpetuuiti’ s product family supports a combination of technologies enabling solutions (built in accordance with ISO 22301 standards) for Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Organizational BCP Automation, IT Service Continuity and Availability Management, Recovery Assurance, Robotic Software Automation, Real-Time Auto Discovery of Application IT infrastructure and Application Interdependency Mapping, and Migration/Replication to Cloud.

Our Clients