Database Administration and Management (DBM)

Most organizations are increasingly faced with endless volumes of data flowing into their systems in multiple formats. The infrastructure needed for an on-premises, self-managed database can prove to be prohibitively expensive.

We provision an Open-source Enterprise-Grade Database platform to meet this challenge. The PostgreSQL -based multi-model guarantees purpose-built database management for all enterprise application needs. Embedded with the enterprise management tools, our services include provisioning, hosting, management, backup and restoration, version upgrades, security, and much more. We provide expertise, services, and strategies to ensure your organization fully uses its data possible and unleashes its potential to build success.

Solution highlights

  • HIPPA, PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Automated Migration Assessment
  • 24 x7 Support
  • Inbuilt tools suite for Management, Integration and Migrations
  • Customized Unified Dashboard
  • Performance Tuning
  • Compliant with legacy databases
  • Full-blown development features

Our Solution Partner

With our solution partners-we help in easing the stress of deploying and maintaining a database. The pay as you grow model ensures significant cost reductions in database spend. It takes the burden off the in-house team to set up, maintain, and manage data centres. Our services entail - providing databases with robust features, enhanced security, and scalable performance. It comes with the appeal of automated migration, and integration with legacy software and high availability.

Our solution provides comprehensive monitoring support at the basic level, such as alerts, notifications, and incidents. At the next level, we deal with installations, data migration assessment, data and schema migration and systems optimization. Further up, we work on performance optimization, remote support, and on-site support for day-to-day operations. We ensure a significant improvement in day-to-day work efficiency with work being carried out in much less time. We ensure cost cuts, agility, and healthy optimized databases, all the while adhering to industry best practices.

Our customers

  • IT /Telecom
  • Insurance/BFSI
  • Banking